Data conversion, data scrubbing, automatic code generation : trust MOVESOL

Move Recode-Workbench® system and data migration software

System and data migration tools

About our Move Recode-Workbench® software engineering workbench

We put our Move Recode-Workbench CASE workbench at your disposal.

The CASE workbench brings you significant benefits in productivity and quality at every stage of your plan. It includes, among other things:

RECODE-CartoUpdates the business object repositoryCapture, analysis and browsers in all legacy objects.
RECODE-TrackingDiagnosesImpact analysis including managing object dependencies.
RECODE-DataMigrates dataAnalysis and data scrubbing, data deduplication
Generation of migration programs
Generation of validation reports for stakeholders
RECODE-ConvertConverts and generates codeAutomatic code conversion Our special generation technique delivers a code with easy maintenance for your teams.
RECODE-TestControls qualityRegression testing and user acceptance report.
RECODE-DocGenerates documentationReverse documentation
RECODE-PilotMonitors projectProject monitoring dashboards

The latest and most efficient on the market, our technology is highly automatic and can integrate with a portal gathering all necessary tools for your plan.




We work in all IT environments with our technology:

Operating systems (OS): MVS, DOS VSE, VM, GCOS 7, GCOS 8, VMS, UNIX, AS400, WINDOWS, HP3000, etc.

Database Management systems (DBMS): DB2, ORACLE, SYBASE, SQLserver, SQL, INFORMIX, DL1, IDMS, IDS2, ADABAS, DATACOM, IMAGE, etc.

We have strong functional skills in banking, insurance, life insurance, pension plans, retail, human resources, etc…