Re-engineering an information system: downsizing, data migration, application web-enabling


Information systems must regularly undergo thorough changes to meet the evolving needs of a company.

Are you replacing an obsolete technical component? Expanding a data structure? Deleting a utility program? Adding a multicompany or multilingual configuration setting? We help you carry out your plan successfully.


Our offer

To convert/migrate data, we use our Recode-Workbench CASE workbench which analyzes, processes and validates the system with a high automation level.


Use cases

  • Downsizing of expensive to run systems
  • Migration to an open architecture
  • Application web-enabling
  • Data structure expansion
  • Bulk conversion
  • Deleting or replacing technical components
  • Application deconstruction
  • Automated regression testing
  • Code generating: data extraction software, interfaces, etc.
  • Documentation generation



We can work in all IT environments with our technology:

Operating Systems: MVS, DOS VSE, VM, GCOS 7, GCOS 8, VMS, ICL, UNIX, AS400, WINDOWS, HP3000 to UNIX, Linux, AS400, etc.

Database Management Systems: DB2, ORACLE, SYBASE, SQLserver, SQL, INFORMIX, DL1, IDMS, IDS2, TOTAL, ADABAS, DATACOM, IMAGE, etc.

Languages: COBOL, CICS, FORTRAN, C, Assembly languages, CSP, Telon, Pacbase, natural, Ideal, NSDK, Powerbuilder, etc. to Java, .net, RPG, COBOL, etc.

Download our leaflet on maintenance automation

Download our leaflet on data structure expansion