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Atlantis* : a personal insurance management software

* Atlantis is an insurance software developed by PWA Assurances, a French software publisher specializing in insurance matters.

Atlantis is a personal insurance management software published by PWA Assurances and distributed by Move Solutions. It is designed to manage life insurance, personal health expenses, loan insurance, as well as other risks ―credit card and telephone insurance, extended warranty, etc.)

The solution is customer-focused and relies on a single customer database with native support for group and individual data. You can have an overview of the customer base while it guarantees independent distribution and management channels.

A powerful configuration engine makes it possible to define products and matching management rules and quality control in a single operation.


Main features

The integrated workflow module manages business processes (directly) using information from the database and pending approval status of documents or events // documents or events have a status of pending approval. The internal workflow communicates with external workflow systems.

Document indexing in the folder lets you consult any document you issued //produced or received.

Direct and third-party asset management is natively supported, which makes Atlantis an insurance software adapted to brokers, private healthcare companies, life insurers, insurance companies and other distribution networks.


Atlantis covers the following functions:

Atlantis – a personal insurance management software

Atlantis fonctional diagram

Atlantis is supported by a service-oriented architecture (SOA) and is fully developed in java. It is compatible with the main DBMSs of the market: Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc…
Rich client and thin client architectures are available.
An integrated web framework makes it possible to develop front office applications with the services and functions of the software :

  • Online rating and signing up,
  • Portals of partners and distributors


Handle several files simultaneously thanks to the multi-window display

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