IBM z/OS system downsizing

Mainframe Downsizing – Legacy Modernization – Mainframe migration – Mainframe cost reduction


The economic and competitive environment is leading IT executives to reduce costs of IT infrastructure ownership.

Mainframes usually represent almost 50% of the costs alone. We offer you to replace them by more open, interoperable and cheaper to run models.

Our offer is based on the following principles:


Getting a high-profile IT

  • A cutting edge, scalable, interoperable J2EE target architecture
  • An optimal TCO thanks to limited third party products
  • A smooth transition: you can maintain the existing system as you used to and write software native to the new platforms
  • A handier and more effective maintenance and development environment


Return On Investment: issue

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Downsizing a mainframe

We start with a design and prototyping phase then enter the industrial stage once key points have been dealt with (see synopsis below).

Conversion Approach

Move Solutions’ conversion tools

Get substantial benefits in productivity and quality with our CASE workbench. We put it at your disposal.
Find out about our MOVE-RECODE software engineering workbench:

RECODE-BaseUpdating the business object repository
RECODE-ImpactAnalysing and Diagnosing
RECODE-DataMigrating data
RECODE-TrackingConverting the source code
RECODE-TestControlling quality
RECODE-DocGenerating documentation
RECODE-PilotProject Monitoring


Target architecture

The target architecture is J2EE-based. It relies on an application server and a UNIX, Linux or Windows platform.

Pages are converted to XHTML and you can access the applications with an internet browser.

Legacy applications can be first kept the same to ensure a smooth transition, then converted and re-architected with our code re-engineering software.

The new architecture is entirely native and does not need any run time, which guarantees you the best performance and a complete independence from your service providers. Heterogeneous architectures as well as the integration of new Client/Server or web components are natively supported.

Our unique generation technique enhances the quality of the target with improved performance and maintenance.

Your new architecture is the cheapest to run: it requires minimum third-party products and guarantees (you an) optimal performance.



Our MOVE-RECODE CASE workbench totally supports differences between the different relational DBMSs (RDBMSs) of the market. We convert your RDBMSs or DBMSs to Oracle, Udb, SQL Server, Sysbase, MySQL, PostGres, etc.

Converting hierarchical DBMSs and networks to a relational (database) model is completely automatic. The new database model is fully generated along with accesses, transfer and control programs.

Upgrades are made by a maintenance workbench we put at your disposal after the cutover. Batch regression testing is automatic.

Our conversion CASE workbench is based on configurable rules that can support ‘home-made’ or strongly proprietary languages.

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We can work in all IT environments with our technology:

OS: MVS, DOS VSE, VM, GCOS 7, GCOS 8, VMS, ICL, UNIX, AS400, WINDOWS, HP3000 to UNIX, Linux, AS400, etc.


Languages: COBOL, CICS, FORTRAN, C, Assembly language, CSP, Telon, Pacbase, natural, Ideal, NSDK, Powerbuilder, etc. to Java, .net, RPG, COBOL

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