Data migration


Migrating data is transferring it from an older platform to a new one that is based on totally different models and management rules.

You have to populate the new structures in accordance with their own integrity rules in limited time and budget.

Migrating data to a new system or software package without interrupting operations is a real, complex often under-estimated plan.

    • Only a few staff know how to handle the source data model and most of the time, they are very busy working on the target data model
    • The target data model is liable to change ―it can be altered to reduce functional gaps

New systems have usually been designed to be less permissive. They require high quality data and information that may not be managed ―or is mismanaged―in the source data model, making it necessary to enrich and cleanse data, while having a strong commitment from stakeholders.

Thanks to our experience in migration planning, we developed a high value-added offer for our customers: it relies on a well-honed methodology, expertise, and powerful migration tools ―migration-oriented ETLs and CASE tools. We meet our commitments in price, time and data quality.

The most advanced on the market, our technology was selected in the latest tenders (for data migration) after a fierce competition.

The AGIRC and ARRCO federations and other French complementary pension groups recently selected us to automate their migrations to the Usine Retraite*. The project is running until 2013. We were also recently selected by the Banques Populaires Group to walk them through the migration of multiple databases to a single one.

The mass retailer Système U chose us after an extensive consultation.


Methodology and data migration tools

It is very difficult and expensive to get migration and data cleansing rules right the first time, especially with:

    • A target data model evolving during the plan
    • Key resources that aren’t available enough
    • Missing management rules
    • A team learning about the target data model at the same time
    • Migration rules depending on parameter settings that aren’t completed yet
    • Etc.

We therefore built our technology to make it easy, reliable and cost-effective to change migration rules. Our iterative approach can take into account the developments of the source and target data models and use the first uploading results to hone and enrich specifications.

A real ETL (Extract Transform Load) tool, our CASE workbench carries out several tasks in an integrated way. It manages:

    • the repository containing migration and data cleansing rules
    • the generation of multi-platform programs
    • restitution sessions to present the results in a transparent manner to project-affected people and stakeholders and validate them


Specifications are based on business rules and help identify and cleanse source data that do not match the rules. Data conversion programmes are generated by our CASE workbench. The code is compatible with many environments and highly efficient (7 to 10 times faster than programmes or ETLs based on SQL).

We provide you with a set of functional and technical tracking systems to validate the migration. You can also monitor operations in real time thanks to the progress indicators from our CASE workbench.


Use cases

You’re planning to migrate data, integrate a software package, implement an ERP system (SAP, PeopleSoft, etc.), or populate a data warehouse or a web platform. Choose our migration offer to automate operations and manage risk in your project.
Data cleansing is integrated or can be done any time in an independent project. Our offer is specifically tailored to

    • Banking data migrations: see references
    • Insurance / private healthcare data migrations: see details
    • Data migrations to SAP
    • Data migrations to People Soft, Oracle, etc.



We can work in all IT environments with our technology:



We have strong functional skills and many references in the following areas: banking, insurance, pension plans and benefits, life insurance, mass retail, human resources, etc.

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