Secure, conserve and access your Data in the state they were before migration

Archiving data  with Recode DATA3

As part of a data migration project, you often need to conserve your data in the state they were before migration :

  • As proof of  trade with the administration, customers and providers,
  • In order to ease the transition to the new system,
  • Or just in case…

Far too often, this requires keeping the old system in working order, causing increasing costs and needing work to disable some functions to avoid the risk of damage to historical data.

Our Offer Recode DATA3 provides a simple & economical solution to this issue.



This offer comes from the mix of our skills in data migration and application generation. We have designed this solution as a simple and economical response to our client needs.


Recode DATA3 allows you to archive all data from the source system, whatever their storage support is, and provides for each data structure a web data browser including search engine.
Navigation through data is possible using foreign keys.
Special querys can be set in order to give the end user the view they used to have on the old system.
Results can be exported to Excel or pdf files.

Documents such as reports from the old system can also be stored and indexed.

Access to data can be restricted to authorized users.

Technical Infrastructure

Based on your data structure, we generate a Java J2EE application using open source components in order to optimize TCO, guaranteeing performance and scalability.

Compliance to ZFS or NTFS data compression allows you to significantly reduce the amount of data to store in order to optimize costs.


We deliver a full operational solution in your environment or in SAAS mode and assume the maintenance and support.
The archiving system can evolve according to your needs.

Download our leaflet on Archiving data