Changing your Hierarchical or Network Databases to a Relational one

Your systems may still be based on Hierarchical or Network Databases like DL1, IDMS, IDS2, or pseudo relational like DATACOM…
In order to increase sustainability, interoperability, reduce costs and secure HR availability, you have to migrate to a standard relational DBMS.


Migrating from a Hierarchical or Network Database to a Relational one raises the following problems :

  • The cinematics of programs are based on how data have been organized and you need to modify them while keeping a high level of performance
  • Querys, there could be many in a system, have to be converted
  • Data have to be transfered to the new RDBMS while respecting its constraints. Data could also have to be converted from EBCDIC to ASCII
  • Conclusive regression testing has to be performed


Move Solutions’s  technology allows you to migrate applications based on Hierarchical or Network Databases to a relational DBMS or change the relational DBMS you use through a highly secured and automated process.

Our tools provide advanced features

  • Generation of the relational data model from source data model
  • Automated Query migration
  • Automated Cinematics transformation
  • Automated data conversion
  • Regression testing automation
  • Tooled AM of migrated system

Our tools are independant of technologies used and permit  easy migration to any RDBMS including open source DBMS like Postegre SQL.

Examples of performed projects

  • Migrating DB2 to Oracle
  • Migrating Oracle to Postgre
  • Migrating Oracle to DB400
  • Migrating IDS2 to Postgre
  • Migrating DATACOM to DB2
  • Migrating DL1 to DB2…